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Since summer 2004 we are radio-broadcasting monthly: SWING INN - Radio Herford FM 91,7 / 94,9

You can join the show online via the record-cover on the newsreel-page or go to the SwingInn-Button below!
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11.06.2005 - Valaida Snow "Little Louis"
11.12.2004 - Cool Yule
27.11.2004 - The Centennary
16.10.2004 - Halloween
18.09.2004 - AMIGA - Swing Pt.1
07.08.2004 - The Violin In Swing
24.07.2004 - 100 Years Of Count Basie
15.06.2004 - V-Day / D-Day
08.01.2005 - Remember Artie Shaw 1910-2004
05.02.2005 - Lov-O-Gram For Valentine's Day


Dance-sequence in the motion picture "Barefoot" Barfuss
starring Til Schweiger, Nadja Tiller, Michael Mendel, Steffen Wink,...
and Ray Collin's Hot Club

Dancer in the movie Neger, Neger, Schornsteinfeger
with Veronica Ferres a.o.

WDR Television-Short about us


As Time Goes By / Revue
Theatre Herford
Erstes Unordentliches Zimmertheater (Osnabrück)
AlarmTheater Bielefeld
Swing-Dance-Choreographie "Stormy Weather"-Theatre Bielefeld


Evelyn Künnecke- Swing - CD

Cover der Evelyn Swing CD

MARTa-Opening (Elsbach-Areal)/Herford
Palais Mendelssohn (Berlin)
Stage Club (Hamburg)
Weltbühne (Hamburg)
Salon Im Turm (Berlin)
Frankie Manning Weekend - De Engel (Amsterdam)
11. Lindy Hop Festival (Lippstadt)
Hot Jazz Club (Münster)
9. HutBall (Dresden)
Hullabaloo-Konzert Ringlokschuppen (Bielefeld)
Hoofers Hot Club (Bielefeld)
Ev. Akademie Tutzing (Tutzing)
Swing-DJ-Battle (NL-Amsterdam)
20er/30er Jahre Ball - Kardinal von Galen Gymnasium (Mettingen)
Ringlokschuppen (Bielefeld)
Sunset Magic Ball (Hamburg)
Waterkant Jam (Hamburg)
Horny 4-Party (Bielefeld)
Pennies from Heaven (Bielefeld)
Make Mine Music (Bielefeld)
Hop Swing & Jump (Bielefeld)

Swing Verdächtigt/Vortrag (Bielefeld)
Nachtansichten Bielefeld
Swing-Lounge im Museum Wäschefabrik (Bielefeld)
Kleiner Kultursalon (Bielefeld)
Swing 'Em Down (FC St. Pauli, Hamburg)

Rock and Roll Weekender 2003 (Walldorf)
WDR Swing Party Cologne im Limelight (Köln)
Tuxedo Junction Swing Club (Bielefeld)
Hettich FurnTech GmbH & Co. KG, Vlotho

Swing Boat Ride 2002, (Hamburg)
Swing Boat Ride 2003, (Hamburg)
Swing Boat Ride 2004, (Hamburg)

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