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‘the Sweathearts of Rhythm’

We are probably the world’s single DeeJay-couple in the field of “postmodern dancetunes from 1925 to 1960”. We celebrate the hot-hedonism of long gone decades and are a vivid part of the continental Swing-scene. Even today our hearts beat out with almost 78 rounds per minute and as DeeJay's we give the Swing-Jazz back its natural place in the contemporary urban nightlife. Mainly the weired tunes from the Harlem-born Swing-Jazz from the 30’s, celebrating the golden era of orchestral Swing from the 40’s with not so well known tunes up to the jumping roots of early RnB from the end of that decade up to the early 50’s. “We bring those sizzling sounds back where they were born: into the grills and bars, clubs and ballrooms. – Cross-Over by the meaning of the word, for clubbers and dancers!”

The Collection

Our large record-stock dates back to the 20's to the early 60's and contains mostly stuff from the Jazz- and early RnB-field, but even in parts of early Rock and Roll and other jivin' stuff we are well off!

Hence are the tons of paper artefacts, magazines et all, everytime a solid source for researching!
We would like to play directly from our near 10.000 records, shellack as well as vinyl. - We are hot-hedonists in every way!

Maja Bernard

Born 1972 in Bielefeld, and crazy for old records since I was 15. It started with Rock and Roll and Petticoat but short after that, the love for swinging tunes was there, all before that hype inthe 90's. That all lasted in a deep devotion to the 30's and 40's. "In those years there was more than World War II and lots of pain! -There has almost been a youth culture, there was architecture, there was art and music , even in Germany! . . . but it was hard anyway!"

Logically the record collection and all that stuff is a must; The combination old and new is the main thought for the whole living area, not old and original for every price! - It must have that look!

"The world has changed dramatically, with TV and magazins a.s.o. , so we have to be modernistic! (remember the tune? -It's from the 20's).". That is why you can see now this website-design, Maja is the heart of Swing-O-Logy's PR-work.

Sven Uhrmann

Born in Dortmund/Germany in 1967 and record collecting now for almost 25 years,there was always time to play piano or guitar in a band like the Chicago Four, Stu & The Bouncing Balls or the Odeon Swing Stars. The main interest has been the music, but with the years, started with Rock and Roll, the love to the stuff back from the early 30's overhelmed and lasted with that liason to Maja (now for long and happy years). The interest for the arts has already been there and was probably awakened by hisgrandmother, who has swum for the olympic games 1936 in Berlin and has had a faible for that revue-stuff in cinemas!

Further questions?

Maja Bernard & Sven Uhrmann

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email: info@swingology.de
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